Monday, 19 April 2010

Airlines smairlines - My email to the BBC

The Airlines are blaming European governments for the shambles. Do they really think it is the governments' fault or are they just trying to divert attention from themselves.
They had no contingency plans for this, have no insurance and are now blaming governments for protecting the safety of the people. They are hoping that the people affected will jump on the anti-government bandwagon and start demanding that the airlines fly again.
I have been affected by this, I am stuck in Kiev, but I do not want to fly until I know it is safe to do so.
It is all very well doing tests but those tests are being carried out by airlines who have a vested interested in saying they are safe.
Would it be beyond big business to risk the lives of a few to make sure they stop taking the hits?
My airline has been a disgrace throughout this, they did not call me back when they promised to do so, they have half heartedly  replied to an email but have no offer to meet the costs I am having to cover to pay for additional accommodation and living cost.

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