Thursday, 22 April 2010

drawing to a close

Not many of these left I guess, My plane departs at 5.40pm local time tomorrow night and that will be that I suppose.
It has been emotional.
Character building
something like that.
So replacing swan seemed to go okay, they laughed in all the right places anyway,
I am not looking forward to tomorrow
I have to check out of room at 9 be swan at 10.20 and then hang around till the flight. Long old day, I know I know never bloody happy eh?
But I am looking forward to it and all the delights that Lisboa holds,
Pinga Doce, olives, bread, cheese, vinho tinto, superbock, sun, a lovely castle,
SO One more lovely Kiev moon, one more swan, one more Ukrainian lunch and then back on the road again.

By the way Kiev is so so so nearly an anagram for Evil, but it isn't that bad really :-)

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