Sunday, 18 April 2010


Saturday was better, less fear but the stress headache was still there.
Spent the day watching rugby on the interweb drinking tea and being resigned to my fate. I was a bit worried I would get bed sores from just laying in bed all day.
Actually I didn't lay in bed all day, I went out to buy washing powder and beer, don't worry I haven'[t decided to kill myself with that strange concoction. I just decided if I was going to be here for a while I needed to do some hand washing and drink some ale.
Luckily the blues were on the Telly, so I decided dinner could be room service. How wrong was I?
This bleeping, bleeping hotel, decided no room service on saturday night, ha ha ha what a load of crap. So after the Blues hammered the turks I had to go out for a late supper.
Guess what I had, go on guess,
Chicken Kiev :-)
Of course not eating till late meant I was not sleepy, so I stayed up till three thirty drinking vodka and beer and looking at you tube music videos.

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