Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Stars in their Eyes

The scruffy man hobbled on the stage, his trade mark t-shirt and shorts looking almost comical on his overweight forty year old frame, making this particular make over seem even more unlikely.
The introductions were quickly done, the film started, the contestants doing the voice over himself.
"Hi I am Gareth and I live here in Cardiff bay," the camera panned to a wide shot across the bay and then back to Gareth trying negotiate his way around a morbidly obese seagull.
"I've always been an admirer of this man, ever since I started my career 14 years ago, his books were essential reading for me back then. Then I got to meet him, talk to him, I've even eaten off his plate. I can't believe that I am actually going to be him after all he has written the industry standard grammar reference" the obligatory clue given,  the camera followed Gareth as he limped off across the barrage and faded out.
Back in the studio Matthew was smiling,
" I think we all know who it is but tell us anyway." he said as if he was talking to a puppy
 "well tonight Matthew I am going to be ... Michael Swan."

Yes that is right today I am going to step into the considerable shoes of Michael Swan, obviously I am not going to be him, I can't,  but there are a lot of people coming and they were expecting one of the greats... and they get me. ‏More nervous than I thought I would be.

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