Friday, 23 April 2010

Glad I stayed?

Somebody told me I was an agel today, because angels bring happiness, and inspire people, How nice is that?
You know, I am nearly glad I got stranded now. If I hadn't then I wouldn't have achieved my life long ambition and become a Michael Swan tribute act, I would not have delivered my Brains session to two brilliant audiences an d I wouldn't have been called an angel.
The reaction of the people on both days, who must have been very disappointed that the person who they had come to see had been replaced by a grey hippy screaming five days! five days! was fantastic.
They hid their disappointment and made the most of what they ended up with.
So thank you to all of those people.
and thank you to in no particular order,
Ana Simina
my family and all the others
for all you have done to keep me company, keep my spirits up and to get me out of here.
And so if all goes well now, and the flight leaves, then this will be if not the  last then one of the last blogs.
Lisbon here I come.

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  1. Thank you, Gareth, for a really nice talk and contribution to the conference today! That was a good fun, too! Here are some photos from today
    Be well!!