Tuesday, 20 April 2010

A quiz

Some questions, don't worry I am not expecting answers or keeping score.
  • Why are the bar-staff in this restaurant  wearing 'nurses'' outfits?
  • Where do you put the apostrophe in nurses, when you are putting quote marks around it?
  • Why do non English speakers like to sing happy birthday in English?
  • How did my ears survive the awful country and western band in the restaurant? Well I thought they were country until they started doing  Sting covers.
  • Why are there quite so many staff at this restaurant?
  • Why are people dancing to the aforementioned c&w band.
  • Is it good form to play air guitar while dancing to a c&w band in a restaurant.
  • How good does ice cream baked in pear with a crispy coat sound?
  • How disappointing was it?
  • What is the international sign language for a menu? I drew a square, the waitress thought I wanted the check, that is just crazy. 
  • Why didn't I bring a coat with sleeves?
Scores out of 12

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