Monday, 19 April 2010

care home for the elderly

Okay so accommodation was sorted pretty quickly and I am on a flight on Tuesday if things move again, so those are fine, I am coming to terms with being away, you just have to really, flight already cancelled nothing you can do! (that is an obscure and bastardised CSI quote).
The next question was clothes, went out shopping but things were expensive and small, so I needed an alternative. A box of persil and a bath of water did the trick, thank god I don't have to wear my undies inside out, who does that anyway, it is disgusting, surely any .... no I don't want to go there.
I can last a couple more days, but my jeans are starting to stand up on their own and I am not sure I want to hand wash those, hotel laundry? Never used it, don't know how it works.
Now it is the little things, i am running out of contact lens solution, worse my lenses should have been changed on Saturday, I have a spare pair but they are my emergency pair. What is the argentine contact lens fiasco were to happen again. My finger nails need cutting, I didn't bring my clippers and my hair, well I look like a bloody hippy, it is half way down my back. Little things that you don't even think of at home but become an issue here.
It is another lovely day, I should leave this room or else I will get bed sores, I should also let them clean it I suppose. I hope this is my last day in the Ukraine for a while, but to be honest I am not getting those hopes up. That hope is very low, low low down.
So I sit and wait, not sure what I am waiting for, just waiting, wearing clothes that are not quite clean,  my hair and nails  in a growing race, my eyesight failing by the day, bed sores and a bad leg. I guess I am getting a taste of what it must be like to be
in a care home for the elderly.

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