Sunday, 18 April 2010


it is funny here, all the women dress the same , all of them,  all of the time, okay not all of them but a lot of them,, unfeasibly high heels, ludicrously short skirts,  boob jobs, fake blonde hair, overly made up, perfume oozing out of every pore. Meanwhile the men all try to  look like mafia, black leather jackets (suit style) black polo t-shirt black trousers brooding emotionless faces. The problem is the women really do look like whores but the men are trying a little too hard.
But it is like a new national dress, in a hundred and fifty years from now people will be recreating the look at Disney's epcot centre.

i reckon some of  the women are so artificial they are flammable, and if one goes up  the whole country could go up in minutes, Australia is on its guard against forest fires, Ukraine watches out for  women fires. Maybe a discarded cigarrette would be the initial catalyst but then those sick people who do that sort of thing  would start copycat fires, purposely setting women alight in the streets of Kharkiv.

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